Sports Heads Basketball Game

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At first glance, Sports Head Basketball does not look all that fun. But as you play the game, it starts to get its hooks into you and you cannot help but want to try out and beat the next opponent in the line-up. Cleverly addictive would have to be the best word to describe the overall gameplay experience provided by this game. That and the outlandishly simple to learn and yet difficult to master (we seriously question the amount of time one would need to master the physics of this game though) controls and physics makes for a great filler game whenever you have time to spare.

Through the Hoops

Crazy ball bouncing physics is the name of the game; do not expect the usual basketball rules to apply here. There is no dribbling, contact is allowed, and there are no boundaries. The idea is to keep the ball away from your side of the court and keep shooting it into the enemy hoop. Of course, the enemy AI will also be trying to do the same to you so expect the action to flow non-stop.

The game does observe the three point line -any goal scored from that distance will net the player 3 points, anything else is worth 2 points. It is also perfectly possible to hit the ball the wrong way and have it careening straight for your ball (there's actually an achievement for it, and with all the randomness that happens there is no need to actively try it). And that is pretty much as close as this game gets to actual basketball. Everything else is just sheer entertainment beyond that; if you want to try something a little more realistic, try out Jam City.

The Sports Head Flavor

While players do get a choice of avatars, there is not much difference to them in terms of performance -it is a purely aesthetic choice. As for the enemies however, the stages seem to progress in difficulty, though expect stiff competition from the first game onwards. This is actually pretty standard for all the sports head games so don't expect any handholding difficulty on the first level at all.

Random powerups will appear all over the stage and they are triggered when a ball hits them. For powerup items that inflict negative status ailments on a player, it will be targeted in favor of the player who last touched the ball. Most noteworthy of these powerups is the freeze item which disables your enemy from moving at all allowing you to move around without anything blocking your way.

Speaking of blocking, the enemy AI will constantly try to rush towards the ball, which means that it will keep ramming you if you are closer to the ball. The same strategy is effective when players have to defend as well. This is actually the only way to steal a ball in the game, so expect the player on player gridlock to happen often.

On Par for Flash

Compared to many other Sports Head titles out there, SH Basketball is the probably one of the relatively easier titles to learn, this does not make the game "easy" though, the enemy AI is still designed to keep you on your toes all throughout the game. Those looking for something more structured might want to try out Sports Head Basketball Tournament Edition though, as the stages are set up better.

The visuals are crisp, sharp, and vivid. Through the art style is still the same old goofy looking caricatures of disembodied heads and hands. While it is not all that aesthetically pleasing, it manages to fit in well with the humor of the game. The music is pretty impressive, giving players that on-court sense of mood.

The Verdict: Going Overtime

This is not a game you play for visual depth, but for sheer gameplay value, and that makes Sports Head Basketball a pretty good game to play. Whether you are just looking to fill in a couple of minutes or need to chew on a serious challenge, the game manages to deliver and entertainingly fun time. It has decent graphics, good audio, simple controls, and game mechanics that are outlandishly ridiculous yet fun to engage in.