Sports Heads Basketball Championship Game and Review

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You just can't keep those Sports Heads games down, can you. No, there's no stopping Mousebreaker's persistence in releasing their Sports Heads games, each one focusing on a different sport but possessing a fairly similar format to each other. Sports Heads Basketball Championship is no exception to this tendency. It is a game that follows on from Sports Heads Basketball, and it has no more than an arcade-level depth, but also proves that sometimes it is better to stick to a known format than to deviate from it. So get cracking with this basketball-tinged Sports Heads iteration - it's much more addictive than you may initially believe!

Sports Heads Basketball Championship - Outrageous and silly basketball-themed action in an over-the-top tennis format

Tried and True

If you're not familiar with the Sports Heads series of games from Mousebreaker, then you may be in for a treat having Sports Heads Basketball Championship as your first foray into the unique format of these sporting titles. Instead of attempting to follow the crowd of hundreds of games that merely try to emulate as accurately as possible the various sports they specialise in, Sports Heads games instead have applied their own unique format. This involves taking a sport, boiling it down to its most essential elements, and making each match  a short yet outrageously (even violently at times) hectic affair that requires you score the most and concede the fewest. Sports Heads Basketball Championship stays as true as you'd like to this format.

The crux of Sports Heads Basketball Championship is that it consists of a series of incredibly short matches (usually lasting for around one minute and they're over). At the outset you select to play a new game and choose a team you'd like to assume control of. You get a choice between teams from a number of famous states including Philadelphia, Toronto, Chicago, and Cleveland. There's no affiliation with or attempt to name the teams after actual NBA teams, so don't get your hopes up of playing this humble flash game whilst assuming the role of the 76ers or anything of the sort.

Gameplay to Lose Your Head To

After choosing you difficulty (between Easy or Hard) you are then subject to the draw of the simulated tournament. There are upgrades and achievements to unlock, but let's first cover the gameplay. Each match is very short, consisting of one minute of play as standard, The reason it's so short is that the matches are meant to be very hectic. It's quite a full-on affair, with a frantic pace thanks to the 1 vs 1 format. You are on the left side of the court while your opponent is on the right. You'll notice the reason for the 'Sports Heads' prefix for this game when you start since the players are just giant heads with a single, oversized hand that's used for batting the ball into your opponent's hoop.

So it's really just a case of taking control of the ball with the game's simple controls, which are similar to Mousebreaker's other titles such as Sports Heads Football. Use the direction arrows to move your player back and forth, and use the Upwards directional arrow in particular to jump. You then use the Spacebar to swipe your massively oversized hand, which helps you bat the ball away from your area and also facilitates getting the ball into your opponent's net. The game is over when the timer is up, with the winner be being the player with the most points at the end.

Matches often break down into amusing situations where two players are frantically jumping for the ball whilst batting their hands; you can even jump on top of each other's heads if you feel it will help you out in anyway. This is part of the game's appeal, making things feel much more hectic than many other casual basketball games.

Arcade Fire

What makes the games so fiendishly addictive and popular with the flash game crowd is the arcade elements that it possesses. In addition to the quick-fire gameplay that has frantic written all over it, you've got power-ups that promise to enhance the gameplay, as well as upgrades to your player that can improve your performance over time. The power-ups appear during the match and must be hit with the ball to be activated. You may be lucky enough to get the speed boost or increased jump power-up, or you may be unlucky and get the power-downs that break your hand, decrease your jump, or break your springboard. The upgrades are a nice touch as well, and these can be purchased once you accrue enough money from winning matches. You can upgrade your jump height, speed, and hit power in increments, but we warned: it can take a very long time to rake in the dough to get everything fully upgraded.

So this quick-fire, arcade-pace flash game is unlike any other flash-based basketball game out there, as well as being quite unique compared to mobile basketball efforts. It has the upgrades and power-ups to increase its longevity/replay value, yet it has the depth of an arcade game which makes it easy to simply drift in and out of games without paying too much attention. It's not really unique when it comes to Mousebreaker's sports titles, but this shouldn't bother too many people. This is a perfect game for some office-based lunchtime pastimes, whether you're on your break or not. Some may prefer physics-based puzzlers like Basketballs, but for those that enjoy a bit of VS. competition, this one can't be beaten on the flash front.