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NBA General Manager 2017NBA General Manager 2017 App Game

Like true basketball fans, we’re already looking forward to NBA General Manager 2017, and thought it prudent to get a little speculation and discussion started in advance of its release. Well in advance. 2016 has been a good year for the NBA General Manager series, but 2017 could be better. Improvements to gameplay are always possible, customisation features are somewhat lacking from the coaching side of the game, and we’d be lying to ourselves if we said we didn’t want to see a more generous freemium system for the next game. These aspects and more are discussed in this article.

Real Basketball 2Real Basketball 2 App Game

Real Basketball remains to this day an extremely popular basketball game for mobile devices. It’s a game that involves a lot of shooting at a single net, with a small variety of variations on this theme. The game doesn’t deviate in any real way from this core principle, however, and has been accused of being a rather shallow experience. This is why I’ve written down a few ideas on the potential features of Real Basketball 2. Within the article, I discuss what Real Basketball 2 could do to not only improve upon the original, but also to add to the series in terms of additional features, upgrades, refinements, and increased depth in gameplay.

Rival Stars Basketball 2Rival Stars Basketball 2 App Game

Rival Stars Basketball was a great game, offering trading-card gameplay with just a sprinkle of skills-based segments on the court. It was criticised largely for being too much of a shallow experience, however, and I can’t help but agree with this diagnosis. That’s why I’ve written up this Rival Stars Basketball 2 discussion, in which I discuss some potential features of the sequel, ranging from additions to the gameplay to aesthetic improvements, a re-thinking of the in-game currency, and als improvements to the interface that could result in an even better Rival Stars Basketball experience than the original.7

Basketball Stars 2Basketball Stars 2 App Game

Basketball Stars a great little mobile hoop-shooting game from Miniclip, taking the most exciting aspect of the sport and attaching from pretty cool features like 1vs1 and multiplayer. It’s been a while since it was released, though, so it’s time I wrote an article on the potential features and improvements to be made in Basketball Stars 2. There were a few niggles with the original that precluded it from achieving NBA Jam-level (aka God-Like) status, including animation issues, a lack of variety in characters, and a rather rapid running-out of the soft currency in the game. I elaborate on these issues and call for other improvements to be made in this article – these improvements will certainly make the sequel an even greater game.

Doodle Basketball 3Doodle Basketball 3 App Game

The visual style of Doodle Basketball 2 is one of the most memorable aspects of the game, whose unique illustrations and simple-yet-effective physics-based basketball action made it popular with thousands of gamers on the app stores. It’s time for Doodle Basketball 3, however, and with this sequel comes the potential for even more greatness. This article’s topic is the discussion of potential improvements that could be made to Doodle Basketball 2 in order to make the third instalment all the more appealing. This article covers aspects such as diversifying the single player mode, improving multiplayer modes, and also the pesky and intrusive ads that dominate your field of view in Doodle Basketball 2.