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Doodle Basketball

Doodle Basketball - A simple yet stylish basketball shooter with looks like no other

A Humble Affair

Doodle Basketball doesn't claim to have any official affiliations with NBA or any other major basketball authority. It also doesn't promise to immerse you in any kind of lengthy season of the sport, or even one single fully-fledged match for that matter. That's because if it did, it would be a gross misrepresentation of the game's content and purpose. Doodle Basketball also isn't affiliated with Google's 2012 Basketball Doodle. It is a  much more humble affair, but as a result it is one that is much less demanding of your time. So if you cannot be bothered with the inner workings of every single NBA team known to man and simply want to pass some minutes shooting hoops, read on about what Doodle Basketball can offer you.

Simplicity to the Core

This is one of those games where simplicity isn't just an aim of the game but a core concept that runs right through its entire framework. I'll tell you up front that there aren't multiple modes to choose from. In fact, the main menu consists of two options: 'Play' and 'Records' (also the Settings menu and also some pretty funky music on loop if you want to count this as a sort of vestibular options that come to you through some audio funkiness. 'Records' is a section that takes you directly to a sort of leader's board, so you're going to want to start out with simply pressing 'Play'.

When you press play, you're taking to a basketball court whose appearance will change but that will always have the same few things: a basketball hoop, a basketball, and a sign that tells you how many balls you have left before you must start again, your current score, and your best score. These common denominators will always appear no matter what 'venue' you're playing your simple basketball game in. Continue Reading

Release Date: 23/08/2013

Available on: Android

App Store Rating: 4.5/5

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Physics Ahoy

Though this isn't a physics puzzler, the gameplay does rely heavily on some simulated physics in order to give you a challenging experience. The aim is to simply shoot the basketball into the hoop in order to score as many points as possible in one session. The session ends when you run out of balls to throw, with this number starting at 10 and diminishing each time you miss a shot. You're able to increase the number of available balls by getting a 'swoosh', or in true basketball terms, getting nothin' but net.

The input mechanics are also not your standard swipe-and-shoot, with the requirement of you setting the arc of the shot using the dotted guide line on the screen, rather like in Basketball Shoot. You are able to change whether you have to pull back or forward to edit this shot arc (this can be done in the settings menu), but either way it dictates the angle and also the force of your shot. Be careful for the shallower shots as it seems the more shallow the arc and the less little dots there are that make up the arc, the faster your shot becomes and therefore the less likely it is to slot itself in comfortably.

Feels Like Progress, Even When It Isn't

In terms of progression, there's really not much to speak of apart from you chasing your own score, but there's a nice little twist when you manage to score a number of successful swoosh shots in a row: the hoop gets much larger on a temporary basis, allowing you to rack up more points with ease.

What stands out for me more than the gameplay here is the game's unique visual style. It seems that many of Byril's Games come in this style, which is in the form of a color-pencil shading, making the whole thing look very charming and highly unique. As for sounds, there's a standard funky beat playing throughout that you can disable or enable in the Settings menu - this is neither here nor there for me.

I think that the best games make you feel like you're truly making headway when you maybe aren't really achieving all that much. Doodle Basketball definitely ticks this box for me since you're only really chasing a high score by shooting hoops again and again. All that really changes is the starting position of the basketball and the backgrounds you get to play on. For a game that is literally just drag-and-shoot in its format, Doodle Basketball has impressed me substantially with its simplicity to entertainment ratio, forcing me to give it an 8.6 in spite of its simplicity - I just couldn't put the damned thing down!


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Doodle Basketball is developed by Byril Games.

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