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Basketball Mania

Basketball Mania - The classic arcade-based, hoop-shooting experience in the palm of your hand

No Malarkey

Some people just don't have the time for all that basketball match malarkey. All that team management, all those inter-match tactics, and having to pay attention to the 5 vs. 5 game is just a lot of effort, particularly when your play time is restricted to a casual 20 minutes to and from work on the train. This is why basketball shooter games exist, and one such game getting right to the tasty meat of the basketball experience whilst throwing away the chewy, unpalatable gristle that comprises the rest of the sport is Basketball Mania. A pretty like-for-like simulation of the penny-arcade hoop-shooting games, Basketball Mania offers up a readily-accessible swipe-to-shoot format that can be enjoyed on as casual a basis as any player could want.

Not Fodder

To properly describe Basketball Mania's gameplay I really only have to remind you of the format of an arcade-style basketball shootout game because the gameplay here almost exactly the same. The entirety of the game is spent with the screen focused on a replica of an actual arcade-based basketball machine. You've got the hoop in front of you and the balls ready to throw at the bottom; all you have to do is swipe in the direction you wish the ball to travel and you're up and running. The swipe mechanism is rather similar to Real Basketball as opposed to more standard fodder like this 3D Basketball game.

Your progression in the game depends on how many cracking shots you can make into the hoop, and this is increasingly true as you progress through each stage. You're awarded two points for a standard shot that touches the sides or a bank shot, and three points for a shot that that could only be described as 'nothing but net' (I tend to use this phrase as sparingly as possible). Passing to then next stage requires that you reach the points limit for the current one within the set amount of time, though once you reach the limit with time left to spare you can continue making shots in order to add to your score for the next stage. Continue Reading

Release Date: 19/03/2015

Available on: Android

App Store Rating: 4.2/5

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Tickets Please

Your reward for continuing to pursue this game in favour of drifting off to some online, flash-based basketball game on Miniclip such as Urban Basketball is tickets. Though tickets aren't exactly comparable with being able to earn anything with actual, real-life value, you can still purchase different skins in the game with these tickets, allowing you to change the aesthetics of your surroundings in order to make things a little more interesting. You can apply special skins such as dark Halloween-like ones and an Easter theme as well.

The game is addictive enough without these skins however, and even though it's a very simple format you'll find that you'll enjoy popping in and out of short games in your spare time regardless of which skin you've applied. Still, there's a speed mode that has you firing off shots much more quickly than you could have first imagined when starting off in the game. It gets tougher the further you get into the stages as well, with the main difficulty coming from the movement of the hoop from left to right as well as a more demanding score needing to be met with each passing round.

Three Points

You cannot judge Basketball Mania for what it is not, and what it is not is an in-depth basketball sim that reflects the complexity of the actual sport. It can be judged for what it is however, which is a fiendishly addictive little basketball game from a little-known developer called Mouse Games. So when NBA Season rolls around, you can guarantee that this game will get a great deal of use as a pastime between matches . It's even kind enough to not be a paid-for app as well as not have the cheek to demand in-app purchases for progressing more quickly; there are just a few ads that pop up at times that couldn't even be described as inconvenient.

I suggest you give this one a download as there's literally nothing to lose, except perhaps your bad mood from *insert your favourite NBA team here* (the San Antonio Spurs, for example..)  losing against *insert your least favourite NBA team here*.


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Basketball Mania is developed by Mouse Games .