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Android Basketball Games Roundup – The Best Android Basketball Games from Court to Basket

Football games are over rated right? I'm talking both varieties – American and European – since they’re both just a little too overrepresented in the various app stores for your mobile devices. How about letting another round-balled sport have a chance, huh? A sport like basketball for instance, which is in fact one of the most popular in the entire world yet has only a handful of mobile titles ascribed to recreating its particular brand of on-court entertainment. Though there are many basketball “games” floating around on Google Play, you’ll have to filter through a load of mediocre disappointments and some tedious fantasy-team games (such as NBA All Net) before getting to the good stuff. That is unless you fancy having the leg work done for you with this very handy Android Basketball Games article.

Scratch the Itch

Sometimes when you want a virtual session on the basketball court, there comes a time when just any old basketball game of a generic nature simply won’t do. Unfortunately there are dozens of these very kinds of basketball games on Google Play, occupying precious space on many people’s mobile devices as if they were actually worth the effort of downloading in the first place. There are some gems out there however, and to save you the gruelling effort of wading through the muddy waters of the basketball section of Google Play, this article shall prescribe only the best Android Basketball Games to scratch your b-ball itch. From the on-court action of NBA Jam to the purely shooting-based aesthetic wonder of Doodle Basketball, the titles below should have any Android owner covered.

Wham, Bam, Thank You JAMNBA Jam game

When it comes to all-round basketball fun on your Android device, there’s no better app to go for than NBA JAM. Whilst games like Basketball Shoot and Doodle Basketball may have too much of a narrow focus for many, the instantaneously-enjoyable, 2 vs. 2 action of NBA Jam widens the scope a little to include at least some semblance of basketball as a sport. It isn’t a 5 vs 5 affair like NBA 2k15 or even a simulation-focused romp like you’ll find in NBA Elite 11, but rather an arcade-depth basketball game that can be dipped in and out of at a moment’s notice.

The mechanics of NBA JAM bear high similarity to those of NBA Elite 11, and the highly effective control system – arguably the very best and most impressive of all input controls of any mobile basketball game – allows for swift and enjoyable play. If you don’t mind realism being thrown to the wind, then the outrageous dunks and unbelievable steals that you can achieve in NBA JAM will thrill most basketball fans, plus the unlockable content also goes a long way to increasing the longevity of the game.

 The only thing this little delight of a game lacks is a multiplayer mode, and it could be said that even though it’s easy to pick up and enjoy at a moment’s notice, the corollary also applies: it’s a little too easy to put down without really getting all that invested in its action. Perhaps the On Fire Edition of the game will please fans a little more?

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Jam CityJam City

Battery Acid Games’ Jam City is a basketball experience that’s similar in focus to NBA JAM. You’ve got a 2 vs. 2 level of gameplay here with no hope of experiencing the full 5-on-5 basketball format. This doesn’t mean this game isn’t fun however: you’ve got outrageous shots to be made once you’ve built up your special meter, with many of the moves like the cartwheel dunk or the flaming dunk being pure fantasy made possible in the palm of your Android-loving hand. The on-screen joystick and contextual action buttons also make for a smooth and well-conveyed input system.

In terms of content, this game’s got unlockables by the bucket-load including different shoes and other garments, with each piece of unlockable gear actually serving to improve your performance in various areas including shot success, speed, and skill. There’s really only Arcade and Practice mode to get stuck into but that’s ok: Jam City Basketball is another medium-depth game that strikes the perfect balance between longevity and instant entertainment.

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Real Basketball - Real But Not UnrealReal Basketball

Mobile Craft’s Real Basketball is the next game on the list, and it’s one of the ones that cuts out most of the court time to focus on the shooting-hoops aspect of the sport. The game involves shooting hoops from a variety of different angles and distances, with swipe controls doing the job of translating your finger movement into the movement of the ball across the screen.

A variety of different modes are what comprise the game’s true content here: Time Attack, Single Ball, Tournament, and Arcade are just a few of the modes that are on offer. You’ve also got aesthetic upgrades to look forward to as well, as well as an online mode that has you in a hoop-off against other players across the world. In all a great basketball game, but not as realistic as you would expect a game with “Real” in the title to be.

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Basketball ShootBasketball Shoot

This is another basketball shooter game with an highly simple format that results in a disproportionately entertaining experience. The side-on view of the court plays host to a variety of different shots from a multitude of angles and distances. No swipe controls here, but rather an on- screen arc that shows you the angle and power of your shots. Make consecutive shots to pump up your score and make nothing-but-net shots to increase your “lives” which afford you a designated number of misses before you have to start again. Outrageously simple yet dangerously addictive, this Sunfoer Mobile game is massively popular, and it’s easy to see why.

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Basketball DoodleBasketball Doodle

The last on this list is yet another game that focuses solely on shooting hoops, and with a format that is more than just a little reminiscent of Basketball Shoot. Doodle Basketball is even simpler than its rival however, requiring only that you shoot hoops and acquire a large a score as possible in any one session. Consecutive clean baskets will enlarge the hoop temporarily to make scoring easier, but this one’s all about perfecting the on-screen arc indicator in order make shots as cleanly as possible. What makes Doodle Basketball stand out from the crowd is its pencil-drawn visual style and highly simple approach to what can be an overly complex sport.

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