BasketBalls Game

Recommended Basketball Games

Turbo Nuke introduces players into a very different kind of basketball -one where it is all about figuring out the puzzles in the fastest time possible as opposed togetting the most points to win. Basketball puts you in control of a whole team of players passing a ball around without moving a step and getting the ball through every single net in the game. It is a completely new approach, and in some ways, not what one would expect with a pretty straightforward name like Basketball. But overall, this game is something that provides a pretty decent and somewhat addictive gameplay.

Where Do All These Obstacles Come From

There is a confusing logic in the world of puzzle platformers -mostly revolving around the question of "who on Earth set up these elaborate stages?" and Basketball is no exception. The hoops are scattered all over the stage, there are cannons, trigger panels, referees and other teams, and a whole load of other elements that makes up the puzzles that you need to solve. It feels a little silly, but since most of the focus goes to getting the ball places in the fastest amount of time, there's still room to hold disbelief.

As crazy as it sounds, this is not Turbo Nuke's only game in this style, Soccer Balls is also pretty far off from the game it is based on; and much like Basketballs, it is also pretty entertaining in it's own way.

The Mechanics of Ball Tossing

In order to finish a stage, players must get the ball into the all the nets across the stage. If there are 3 hoops, then players must get the ball to touch all three for the stage to be complete. Touching the net is all that is required, while the ball is thrown at arc, there is no need to aim above the ring -the ball will automatically score the necessary goal as long as it touches the net at any angle. That said, the goal animation will cause the ball to fall downward regardless of the angle it was thrown (so be sure to incorporate that factor when planning how to solve a stage).

Referees are temportary obstacles, once hit by a ball, they will disappear. Players are granted a 5 second bonus to their overall time which means that hitting referees along the way will increase your overall ranking, but be sure to not waste more than 5 seconds trying to get one. Opposing teams will jump at timed intervals, so just hold on to the ball and make a pass or shot when the time is right. Sometimes, you can just make the ball bounce off a ceiling instead of trying to wait for the opposing team to give you an opening. Cannons will launch the ball at a high speed toward a specific direction -more often than not, they are placed in strategic locations to help players out.

There are several other elements to look out for, but once players get past the first few stages, it all becomes pretty much intuitive (also, it helps to pay attention to the pop-up dialogue boxes).

The Verdict: Good for a Shot

Basketballs is a straightforward game; despite the misleading name, it does manage to provide a solid and cohesive game experience to the players. While the aesthetic style is nothing to laud about, the overall visual effect is easy for the eyes to figure out. The controls are responsive, though there is a slight delay when playing the larger stages. The puzzles are not overly challenging, but it can still make most casual players bring their thinking caps on. This game does not need to go into anyone's must-play list, but it does deserve a few minutes of your free time if you appreciate anything basketball themed.